Project Description

Polymer Reinforce Bars offer exceptional advantages to use it as a steel bar replacements, among those :

  • The constituents of the polymer bars include high-quality corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin that increases the lifespan of a concrete structure.
  • As compared with the traditional reinforcement material, polymer rebar is less the weight of steel with 3x the tensile strength of steel.
  • Polymer rebar is non-conductive to electricity and heat making it an ideal choice for facilities like power generation plants and scientific installations.
  • Taking into account the long-term benefits of polymer rebar, it is a cost-effective product as compared with epoxy-coated or stainless steel.
  • It is invulnerable to chloride ions and other chemical elements.
  • It can be manufactured in custom lengths, bends, and shapes.
  • The installation process of polymer rebar is very convenient coupled with its property of being easy to cut and machined.
  • It is transparent to electrical field and radio frequencies
  • A project reinforced with polymer rebar is maintenance free, enabling builders to avoid rehabilitation cost.

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